Remote desktop software which lets you tap into a remote computer and control it through another machine is one of the key tools for an efficient support centre. Even though the software delivers amazing functionality, for those daily engaged in tech support activities, it requires some skill and time to be able to manoeuvre it confidently. To help you master it, we prepared a checklist of the must-use remote desktop tools that will make every tech supporter’s job a lot easier.


Manage your Helpdesk operators centrally and optimise their performance by utilising the live monitoring and powerful reporting possibilities of the ISL Online.

User Management

Use an external authentication, such as OpenLDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory or RADIUS to manage users centrally.

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Access any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch remotely from your desktop computer or from another mobile device. Troubleshoot and resolve issues on mobile devices, configure any device or manage the data.

Connect to iOS device from a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) or from another mobile device (iOS, Android).
Access an iOS device via WiFi/3G/LTE.  Support through real-time screenshots. Text-chat with a remote user.

Access a computer from any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device. View the remote screen to diagnose and resolve issues from the comfort of your mobile device.

Access a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) from your iOS device. View the screen of a remote computer. Remotely control keyboard and mouse. Switch users, reboot, send Ctrl+Alt+Del, log off. Text-chat with a remote user.

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