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Connecting People, Places, and Things Remote access, remote support and collaboration

  Remote access and support Ensure maximum uptime for internal and external employees and customers by remotely monitoring and supporting computers,
servers, and other devices.


Easily print remote documents locally with better quality than ever before. Save time and avoid misunderstandings by removing the need to create multiple versions of the same document in order to print. Enable remote printing with macOS, HP printers, and full color, as well as an overall improved user-experience.

• Intuitive Desktop UI

• MacBook Pro Touch Bar Support

• Multi-Monitor Support for Mac

• Native for Linux

• Hardware Acceleration

• Swiftpoint GT Mouse for iOS

• Android App Overhaul

• Improved User Permission Control

• Automated Service Case Assignment

• Essential Asset Management

• Identity Provider Connection

• Enforce Session Recording

Secure  operations  Ensure the security of data,  devices, and networks with military-grade encryption and additional security features.

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  • 64 Santoshpur Avenue, Room No:D2, Kolkata - 700075 West Bengal India

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